Message in a boxje

A durable ‘thank-you’


You can thank someone with a small gesture. In the consumer society we are living in today, our cabinets are full with ‘small gestures’ and eventually we throw them away.

That’s why Lelle and Belle invented the sustainable Thank-You- Box: a way to say thanks which you can pass on. And… which you can follow on this site.


·       Every box has an unique number. When you buy or get the box you report it on this site (BOXJES)

·       You can add a personal touch by putting in something small, for example a little present or a thank-you note.

·       Report on this site that you are passing on the Boxje, the receiver  reports  on the site when he received the Boxje. This way you can follow the Boxje all over the world.


This makes the Thank-You-Boxje a unique, personal, simple, significant, original but above all sustainable thank-you!